We believe in the engagement of local missions, to meet the real and substantial needs of individuals and families within our community, and connect them to the message of the gospel through the impact of it being lived out in application. We celebrate the opportunity to love and serve others and to see the gospel extended in word and deed. 

How to engage

Make time to familiarize yourself with each partner's website. Read about their stories and opportunities for becoming engaged.
Mark your calendar for the Bridge's yearly engagement rhythms with each mission partner
Mobilize your small group, family, or group of individuals to serve with the ongoing weekly/monthly opportunities. 
We are here to help! Contact Tiffany Dixon at if you would like assistance in scheduling your family, small group, or group of individuals for an onsite service day and for any questions about how to better engage with our local missions. 

our local mission partners

vault fostering community

Vision + Mission: Vault Fostering Community exists to equip and provide resources to foster families as they meet the immediate needs of vulnerable children in our community. 

Annual Engagement Opportunities

Summer Back-to-School Shoe Drive
This is a drive to collect new and name-brand shoes in a variety of sizes.

December Stockings for Singles
Single parents are often overlooked during the holidays as the focus is on making Christmas special for the children. The Vault wants to acknowledge SINGLE FOSTER PARENTS who have stepped into the foster care world all alone. Let’s partner with The Vault to make sure that these individuals don’t wake up to an empty stocking on Christmas morning. This small gesture will go a long way! 

Individual Engagement Opportunities

  • Volunteers can sign up on the ministry's website. There are weekly shifts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the 1st and third Saturday of each month for help in their warehouse. These serving opportunities are for four volunteers at a time. Find more information at
  • Accommodations can be made for bigger groups for special events. Please contact Tiffany at for assistance.

south texas alliance for orphans

Vision: ...Every child is a part of a safe and thriving family.
Mission: South Texas Alliance for Orphans exists to serve and equip the Church, individuals, families, and businesses in fulfilling the biblical call to care for children and families impacted by the foster care system.

 Annual Engagement Opportunities

Jingle Mart- December 10th
This is a Christmas drive at Concordia Lutheran. There will be a volunteer sign-up sent out to help during the day, however, the greatest need is for donations of teen items, such as hoodies, gift cards, fun hair products, fancy lotions, athletic balls/gears, headphones, ear buds, portable charges, blankets, socks, affordable/trendy jewelry.

KinMart - Summer Time
This is a back to school drive, collecting new school supplies.

Individual Engagement Opportunities -

We have an opportunity to "adopt" grandparents who are raising and caring for their grandchildren. Contact Tiffany at for more information.

HILL COUNTRy daily bread ministries

Vision: Hill Country Daily Bread's mission is to help unite and equip the Body of Christ with the food, resources, and training, necessary to transform our communities and the lives of those in poverty and need through the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Annual Engagement Opportunities: more information to come!

Individual Engagement Opportunities -

People can contact for volunteer information. There are many different opportunities for individuals or groups everyday, Monday-Friday in addition the mentorship program.
Please contact Tiffany at for assistance in coordinating groups (families, Bridge Groups, or groups of individuals) to serve onsite.