OUr next steps

Considering all we have witnessed over the past two years, we began asking the question, "What is a reasonable response to what God is already doing?"


Fully Maximize Herff Elementary

In the Fall of 2022, our wonderful school has allowed us to fully maximize all the space they can possibly give us. We launched The Bridge Fellowship in 2 rooms, and now we are spreading out into 7 rooms! With the school allowing us to spread out, we will be to grow by double and still remain in 2 services! This will allow us to continue to do what we do best, love people and preach God’s Word.


Build a Permanent Home

After a year of prayer, we believe the next reasonable response is to build our permanent home at 109 Ammann Road. The building is almost 30,000 sqft and will hold 850 adults in worship, 250 children, and 150 students in a single service - giving us the ability to triple our current attendance. We could essentially serve over 2,400 people per Sunday in this new space. 


Outgrow Space and Do It All Over Again

Finally, once our facility is complete, we will continue with our vision to see a gospel moment that reaches every person of the hill country and is carried to the ends of the earth by planting healthy, vibrant churches. A statement that we have said from day one is “Churches who believe the gospel, plant churches”. We want to maximize our space and multiply out to continue this gospel movement beyond our walls.

Building Details 

» 18 acres at 109 Ammann Rd
» 345 parking spaces
» 29,917 sq. ft. building space
» 850 seats for worship
» 11,200 sq. ft. of secure BridgeKids space

the goal

Our PRIMARY GOAL with this initiative is to have 100% of people who call The Bridge Fellowship home participate in this initiative to fuel the mission of God for what’s NEXT.

Our SECONDARY GOAL is to raise five million dollars in generous one-time gifts over the next two years, above and beyond regular tithe and offerings, so that we can move forward to where we believe God is calling us NEXT. The goal is not simply to get the building started, but to commit to paying off the remaining debt as fast as possible to fund and send future church plants.

financial details

» Land Purchase= $1.8 million
» Structure + Parking= $9.8 million
» Furniture + Fixtures + Equipment= $1 million        

Total Cost of Project= $12.6 million
Total Cash Needed to Begin= $5 million

ways to give...

Give Online: We make it easy and convenient for you to give online through our website. Please be sure to select- Next Fund- (Building)

Give by Mail: Checks can be made out to The Bridge with “Next” in the memo. Mail to: PO Box 955 Boerne, TX 78006

Give on Sundays: During our weekly services, you can give on your way in or out by placing your gift in our wooden offering boxes

Give by Stock: We have the ability to receive stock gifts. For some, this is the most effective way to use their resources.

Now is the time to move forward with your pledge!

For those who have pledged, now is the time to begin your commitment towards NEXT. You can do so in a variety of ways. See above for options!  

If you have not pledged but would like to, it's not too late! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEXT?
NEXT is an expression of our vision to be a Gospel movement that reaches every person of the Hill Country. It is a two-year financial commitment to accomplish this faith-stretching, exciting vision to pursue what is NEXT for The Bridge Fellowship.

Is the Next Fund pledge above my general tithe?
Yes. NEXT commitments are above and beyond a general tithe.

How much is the building going to cost?
The total cost for land, structure, parking, furniture, fixtures, equipment is 12.6 million.

How do we know that the cost is realistic?
We have talked with many in the field of architecture and commercial building while completing the scope of work and we believe we’re as close as possible to an accurate estimate. Of course the numbers may change, but we are confident that the current estimate is realistic given what is happening on similar projects around the country.

Why would the church borrow money?
We know there are all kinds of perspectives when it comes to borrowing money.  Since day one of opening our doors we have strived to be great stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.  The generosity of our people allowed us to put down a substantial down-payment when we purchased the 18 acres at 109 Ammann Rd.  Furthermore, we have been making monthly payments into a savings account as if we were already carrying a mortgage.  That being said, if we were to wait until we had the cash on hand then the overall cost of construction would essentially rise.  Therefore, we want to reasonably leverage lending to continue building kingdom.  

Are there phases to this project?
The design of this building ensures that all age groups in our congregation will have a spot on Sunday morning and it gives us the ability to almost triple in size. If God decides to grow our church beyond that, then the current building can easily be expanded even larger. Ultimately, we want to maximize the space we have on Ammann Rd. and send out future church plants from there.  This design seems like a reasonable response to how we have seen The Bridge grow over the past two years.  So are there phases? Not necessarily.  Would we be able to build more down the road?  Yes.  

When are we hoping to start construction?
We have been working diligently with our architect and general contractor.  Our hope is to break ground by Summer 2023.  Obviously there are a lot of variable factors when it comes to construction so we are taking it one step at a time.  We will keep you informed as things develop.

What about church planting?
Nothing has changed since day one. We want to maximize our property at 109 Ammann Rd and use it as a central hub to plant more churches throughout the hill country.

*Have more questions? Please send an email to next@bridgefellowship.net